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What is CSA?
CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture”. It’s simply an agreement in which you purchase a ‘share’ in our garden. Your share provides a portion of the farm expenses, including labor and the purchase of seeds and supplies (soil amendments, equipment, etc.). In return, as a “shareholder”, you receive a basket of whatever produce is harvested from our garden each week along with our newsletter updating you about farm happenings and giving you storage hints and recipes for cooking our delicious veggies and herbs. Think of it as owning a garden, but not having to pull the weeds!

General Share Information
Customers who buy a share into Beaverdam Creek Farm will receive a weekly basket of freshly harvested clean, nutrient-dense produce for our growing season, May - October. A share is a half-bushel basket containing enough produce for approximately 4 people, depending on your eating and cooking habits. Half-shares are also available. Along with their basket of produce, shareholders will receive a weekly email newsletter listing the contents of thir basket along with recipes, storage tips, farm news, etc. We deliver CSA shares to Centerville, Riverwalk Subdivision in Bellevue, the Franklin Farmers Market, and of course customers are welcome to pick up their shares right here on our farm.


  • You’ll receive a basket of fresh, tasty produce weekly during the growing season.
  • You will be buying from us, a family that you know and trust.
  • Your veggies will be chemical–free and clean; no worries about salmonella-contaminated tomatoes!
  • You will have a say in what your farmer grows.
  • You will be helping to boost your local economy.
  • You will have the fun and anticipation of seeing what new and different treats are in your basket each week.
  • You will be motivated to try some new and different meals using your seasonal produce and the recipes we provide.


  • Weather-All farming endeavors are at the mercy of the weather. There might be an early frost that kills the strawberry blossoms, so we have to wait until next year to enjoy them.
  • Pests/Disease-There’s always a chance that pests or blight might do damage to a certain crop. What happens then? We just do as our grandparents would have done. For example, if Colorado Potato Beetles destroy our potato harvest, then we eat more sweet potatoes instead! If we lose some summer squash to powdery mildew, then we add more zucchini to the menu!

What We Grow

We want our shareholders to experience the wonders and pleasures of the best the world has to offer their palletes. That's why we carefully choose varieties from France, to Thailand, to Italy, and the USA, that are known to be the the most flavourful! We grow over 135 varieties of gourmet veggies, fruits, culinary herbs and flowers. Of course, the contents of each weekly basket will vary according to the growing season. We strive to time our harvests so that we can provide at least 4 or 5 different items each week. That way, each and every basket is sure to be a veritable feast of culinary delights.

Early season baskets will likely include strawberries, spinach, lettuce, radishes, scallions, kale, broccoli, sugar snap peas, bunched beets, salad greens, garlic and more…

Mid season baskets include blueberries, melons zucchini, garlic, yellow squash, cucumbers, carrots, sweet onions, beans, corn, potatoes, herbs, flowers and more...

Late season baskets include apples, salad greens, lettuce, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, leeks, peppers, hot peppers, eggplant, broccoli, kale, spinach, pumpkins, turnips, rutabagas and more…